A term assigned to those who seek to establish a turning point in their lineage. It means to venture beyond perceived boundaries. To explore untraversed territory. To push on and push forward, navigating a path while paving it at the same time. Why does one do this?

There came a time in my youth where I thought deeply about what my family and my ancestors had gone through in order for me to be in the position I am in now. I am a descendant of immigrants. My mother, from Haiti and my father, from Trinidad and Tobago. To…

A short read on embracing the qualities of introverted-ness and pushing forward.

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The Introvert’s Dilemma

If you’re anything like me, you know the pains that come with being introverted. It’s amazing how I could describe a typical day of mine and the mental image painted in the mind of an introvert is entirely different from that of the extrovert. Let’s walk through an example for my day as a grad student. I’ll describe a typical day in 5 simple steps.

  1. Wake up — morning routine
  2. Leave home to go to campus
  3. Attend lecture for a couple of hours
  4. Plan an evening schedule (…

For Deep Learning systems and applications, Edge Computing addresses issues with scalability, latency, privacy, reliability, and on-device cost.

Welcome to my first blog on topics in artificial intelligence! Here I will introduce the topic of edge computing, with context in deep learning applications.

This blog is largely adapted from a survey paper written by Xiaofei Wang et al.: Convergence of Edge Computing and Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Survey. If you’re interested in learning more about any topic covered here, there are plenty of examples, figures, and references in the full 35-page survey:

Now, before we begin, I’d like to take a moment and motivate why edge computing and deep learning can be very powerful when combined:

Why is Deep Learning important?


Christophe Brown

I studied Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things at Columbia University. I love philosophizing about how technology will impact our lives in the future!

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